​Saving Grace Lawn Care LLC

Making A Difference One Lawn At A Time!
10% of all service charges will be donated to charity for causes like feeding the poor and providing clean water for those in under developed nations.
What We Do
  1. Fertilizing
    For kids playing in the yard, or just going barefoot for a stroll in the yard, lush green grass makes all the difference! Saving Grace Lawn Care can give your lawn all that it needs to keep it healthy!
  2. Sping and Fall Clean Up
    Sping and Fall Clean Up
    Whether in Spring when the melting snow reveals branches and debris left behind, or in Autumn when the leaves litter your lawn, Saving Grace Lawn Care is here to make everything tidy again!
  3. Mowing
    Our quality, well maintained equipment will leave your lawn neat and manicured. At Saving Grace Lawn Care, we pay attention to detail and exercise care with every lawn we mow!
About Us
Saving Grace Lawn Care is a new lawn care company offering service in Midland, Michigan and surrounding areas.  We are unique in the lawn care business for many reasons.  Perhaps the most notable is our name and mission.  We are here to honor God by giving the best service possible and using a percentage of our service charges to help the needy, while sharing a message of hope.
Saving Grace Lawn Care is the vision of Wayne Coffman.  Wayne has several years of experience in lawn care in the Midland area, working for other companies.  He is also a musician and has a background in law enforcement.  Wayne has been involved in ministry and music for many years and has a passion for serving God in every area of his life.  With this passion and his love of lawn care, Saving Grace Lawn Care was birthed.  Wayne wanted to do more than just mow lawns, but also provide a quality service that would honor his Creator and help others.

A lot of people who get into this business are only doing it to make a living, but Wayne is doing it not only to provide for his family, but to make a positive difference.  For Wayne, there is nothing quite like a pristine manicured lawn, and he will do his best to deliver quailty service to each customer.