residential lawn services in Midland

Midland Lawn Cutting Services

Enjoy professional and reliable lawn services that strive to keep your lawns looking fresh and lush!

Experienced local Midland professionals will be hard at work on your lawn to keep it looking fresh and beautiful during the growing seasons. Lawn care service has never been easier.

A fully insured and equipped service company, Saving Grace is also working to help those who may need a helping hand within our community.

Lawn Cutting Services

10% of all service charges will be donated to charity for causes like feeding the poor and providing clean water for those in under developed nations.

Lawn turf will be cut and trimmed at a height that environmental conditions allow week to week that will allow easy removal of debris for a fresh and clean look for your grass. With the exception bad weather, we will be on time and on schedule. We keep our blades sharp and pristine to make sure grass blades are cut and not torn. Our nylon stringed trimmers are always in working order and properly maintained to really make our total lawn care package pop and give an amazing eye appeal. Excess clipping are removed and properly disposed. Debris shall be cleaned and removed from turf areas before each mowing.

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Grass Trimming Services

Midland Trimming Services

It’s attention to detail that matters when it comes to exceptional lawn care.

All of our clients experience the trimming and blowing services we provide with our lawn care. We take special care when edging, trimming and blowing to give that extra special look to a fresh cut lawn.

It’s actually the finishing that really provides the best look of a well kept lawn. Removing the debris, leaves, clippings and anything else that would take away from the desired look of our clients is addressed by our staff.

Lawn Fertilization

Grass and turf cutting is only part of the effort to make a wonderful and enjoyable lawn. Keeping it properly fertilized is almost as important as weekly cuttings and trimming. We work with our clients to build healthy and fertile soil that will help grow the turf thick. A thick turf will automatically choke out most weeds.

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